Monday, November 29, 2004

Yearly Mission Statement

Over the past few years, I have jotted down a document that serves as my mission-goals statements. It's been a great exercise, if for nothing else to make me take stock of what the year has been and what I want for the next year coming up. I thought through a bit of this over the holiday weekend.
Like the majority of people, I probably jot down some great ideas and notions, but that is as far as they go. In any case, I thought some of you might be interested in pieces of this and maybe you could share some of yours too, either in the comments here or in your own blogs.
So enjoy, and hopefully, we can all use some of these ideas to spur us on to be a blessing to others.

Section 1 - Principles of Mission
This is the section where I have jotted down principles that I have picked up along the way about what my life should be about. Some of the notables include:
- I believe leadership begins on the inside of my life and moves out.
- I will never substitute persona for character and integrity.
- I affirm that God uses all the experiences of my life to prepare me for what's next.
- I pledge to be led by God before I attempt to lead others.
- Learn the rules and then break some.
- When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
- Comparison is the cardinal sin of modern (or postmodern) life.

Section 2 - My Roles
Here I have jotted down some specific roles that I play in life and some key goals in each one of these roles. I've listed some examples here.
* God's servant
- in the Word consistently
* D's husband
- disciplined scheduled time for us
* Ks and Es father
- Our home should be the place they feel the safest and one of the places that they have the most fun.
* V Manager (day job)
- Serving others w/ technical excellence
* Missions Mobilizer
- vision and growth to the SPACE crew team
- catalyst for individuals thinking about career missions
- sharpen X and Y

Section 3 - Specific 2004 Goals
* Specific prayer points
* Finances
* Time
- significant time with kids x times per month
- one family get away every 3 months
* Exercise
* Read 12 books a year
* A Sabbath once a week (no work, outside, intentional connection with family)
* Family nights twice per month
* Bible memory with my kids - 1 verse a month

Section 4 - Monthly Goals
specifics listed by month
* March
- increase giving
- family getaway
* July
- mission trips
* Aug
- family vacation

Section 5 - The 2004 story
Last year, I decided to add a section where I could just tell some stories that happened through the year. I like having that, giving the year some more context and depth.

Section 6 - 2004 Thanks
This year, I decided to add a section where I could just list things that I was thankful for through the year. I think that's a healthy response to how good God is, and it's too easy to forget about it. Mostly, I got the idea from the message at GCC yesterday.

Hope that is helpful to some of you as you think about the year that is closing and the year that is on its way.

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