Friday, November 05, 2004

Non coincidence

Last night I hung out with TP. Some of you might have remembered me writing about him before. I usually have torn feelings about meeting him because most of the time, our conversations are one way, driven by me, with him responding with very little detail, elaboration or emotion. I usually wonder what else I could be doing, who else I could be meeting with, what other progress I could make instead.
Last night, I spent just a bit of time praying about it, asking God to really bless it. Part of that was my general feelings about meeting him, part of it was also the fact that I had said some pretty harsh things to him a few days earlier. Long story shortened into this fact - I'm evil.
Our time together was incredible. He shared a lot from his heart, he was emotionally engaged, he is learning a lot about himself, his background, his upbringing, and what all that means for his future. In other words, he is growing up. It's a joy for me to see that progress, but it also continues to sadden me about what he has experienced so far in his young life.
I was also talking to another friend of mine this morning, T. T mentioned that for some strange reason, he thought about TP last night and prayed for him, at, say, around 10pm.
Yeah. Feel the burn.

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