Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Back from NYC

The Mrs and I had a great time in NYC, it was really fun. It was too short, but alas, its always nice to come home to the children.
Tuesday night was my corporate party. It's always pretty surreal when you see people you work with out of context. Even more so, when there is drinking and a dance floor involved. The club that it was at was pretty wild. They had a girl on a trapeze right over the dance floor at a few points during the party. That was kind of cool. A very nice venue for a celebration. The food made me a little sick though.
Wednesday morning, we galavanted around Times Square.
This is a shot I took of us in Saks Fifth Avenue, where we saw a pair of rabbit ear muffs on sales for $100.

We also sent into St. Patricks Cathedral, which I had never been into before. That was very cool. I wrote about St. Patrick more here. Most people don't realize he's a pretty big missionary dude.

We also stopped by The Lamb's Theatre to see if the good people of Urban Impact were there, and we got to talk to Larry for a few minutes. It was fun to see him again and to have D finally meet him.
There is some good stuff that is going on up there:
- potentially starting a full time ministry center in an ethnic neighborhood that they have been working in for a few years.
- partnering with YWAM NY for a Discipleship Training School focused on unreached people groups.
- maybe starting Baltimore Muslim focused ministry.
We also ran into

one his way into work. He is finishing his internship with Urban Impact pretty soon and is one cool dude. He worked with my team quite a bit when we were in NYC this past summer.

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