Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Father Food

One of the recurring themes at Mens Frat, which is the Men's fellowship that GCC has been doing for the past 4 weeks, is this idea of 'father food', that fathers are significant and do have a dramatic impact in the lives of their children. The idea speaks of intention, purpose, and mission.
The speaker touched a few weeks ago on Matthew 3 - that at the beginning of Jesus' public ministry, the Father spoke significant words into His life. "At the critical junction of his life, the father spoke authoritatively." I like those words.
I know some people think Steven Curtis Chapman is dry and middle aged and what not, but his music has always and consistently spoken into me and the Mrs. He writes in the liner notes of his new album about a song that he wrote for his oldest daughter, about he had the chance to sing it at her high school graduation.
"...I also sang it for her graduation, and I did fine until haflway through the song. I knew if I looked at her and she looked at me that was going to be the end of it and I wouldn't be able to finish the song. So I had kind of just been roaming the crowd with my eyes as I wa singing, but I did make eye contact with her about halfway through the song. She was in full melt-down mode and the lump came up in my throat, and I immediately started to buckle! Even so, I somehow made it through."
What an experience, to be able to share words like this to your child, in such a context, at the threshold of adulthood. That is some father food. Below are the lyrics. May we fathers be as significant in mission with our children.

I Believe in You
Steven Curtis Chapman

Aren't you the little one
That hid in my arms afraid of the thunder?
Are these the little hands
That held so tight to mine?
Didn't we both agree you'd never grow up
And now here we are
And here you go
Of all the things I want to say
The thing you really need to know is...

I believe in you
Yeah, I believe in you
Everything you are
Everything you are becoming

And I believe in you
Yeah, I believe in you
So spread your wings and fly
On the winds of knowing I
Always believe in you

So many prayers we've prayed
So many dreams to get to this moment
Now this is where we stay
While you go change the world
But I'll be where I have always been
Up in the stands cheering you on and
Singing this song
A song the very God who made you
Has been singing all along

I believe in you
Yeah, I believe in you
So spread your wings and fly
On the winds of knowing I
Will always believe in you

And when you rise and when you fall
I'll still believe in you
Just close your eyes and hear me calling
I believe in you
Oh, I believe in you

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