Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Team Prep - India

There is a team of 7 of so young adults from GCC that are going to India in January. They have asked me to come and speak to help prepare their team. "Speak" is not the right term... more like lead a discussion.
Still waiting to here back from the team leader for some feedback about his team, where they are in the preparation process, what they are going to be specifically doing, etc. Feedback from the leaders is always vital.
I might be going over The Hardy Personality with the team. I picked this up from a short term missions seminar about a year ago at an ACMC seminar, the speaker said that in almost 15 years of running short term trips, he always uses this.
The meeting isn't until early December but I will post some reflections on it after I'm done.
Ooops... I meant to write a little bit more about the trip itself.
The team will be spending about 6 days with New Life Fellowship in Bangalore. After that, they will be working with Compassion International in Chennai. Pretty neat stuff.
I don't know too much more detail other than that. The team leader has been to India before and has some experience with traveling there. It will be neat to sit down with the team and get to know them a little bit.

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