Saturday, November 13, 2004

Vision for Service in Small Groups

One of the things that I am sort of responsible for is the integration of a service mindset into our student small groups. Our youth ministry is strong with small groups, they form the backbone of what we are doing. Since we started SPACE, one of the goals has been for all aspects of the ministry to support all the others. Between small groups, program teams and SPACE, they all build, encourage, drive each other.
What we have not done very well, so far, is build a vision of service in the small groups. This is only the 2nd year and I do believe that is changing. We have community service days where kids can come and serve, but we are not providing a venue where small groups can come and serve, as a part of the community that they have already worked hard to build.
To bridge this gap, I've started toying with a service evening for small groups around the holidays. It would like something like this:
- small groups come to the Warehouse
- bring adequate adult transportation
- bring a digital camera with a way to get your pictures onto a computer
- bring some spending money
When they get there, we give them some preplanned, short service things they can do around the area. Short - 75 or 90 minutes. Focused on something related to the holidays. Engaging, relational, involving as many kids in their group as they can.
They come back, we have some food, maybe some short worship time. We get their pictures on the screen. Some of them talk about the experience, describe the pictures.
I really like the idea. I think the issue is that the holidays are already so incredibly busy. I'm not sure I want to throw one more thing into the mix.
I already have the name of it - Orbit. This image of going around, but coming back. Like I've said before, this SPACE thing... the cliches are almost endless...

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