Saturday, November 13, 2004

High School Outreach - Variety Night

We had another CpR friday night last night. I was only there for part of it, but there were some pretty awesome acts. What I managed to see was:
- a rendition of Wayne's World
- some kind of funny chanting dancing thing
- a very cool set of acoustic worship
(Our student worship teams went on a worship leader retreat a few months ago where they just holed up and wrote original worship music, they did some of it last night.)
- a drama about the Woodchcuker (I know I've heard the story before but can't remember where or whom) which incorporated all kinds of pop music, ballet, acting, dancing and closed with powerpoints of notes written by students to other students.
It's so fun to see how talented these students are, and that it all has a serious purpose, like last night, which was to encourage those around them.

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