Saturday, December 17, 2005

2nd Annual Orbit

Our 2nd annual Orbit was last night. For those of you that might be new, Orbit is an experience we put together specifically so small groups within the student ministry can come and serve together on a variety of fun and unconventional mini-service projects in one evening.

The theme last night, sort of, was on gift... the idea that we are a gift to someone else by blessing them. And each segment of their Orbit (3 in total) were presented to them in little gift packages, one inside each other.

In total, we had five teams go out. I was a bit worried about how many people were really going to show up, but it was a manageable size, which was good. They all came back at a specified time and we then had a short worship set.

Here are some random notes off the top of my head:
- nursing home, spending money on strangers at the Mall, baking cookies and a dinner, serving the homeless
- the dinner was for someone at GCC who has been spending all of their time with the move, they told our team they hadn't had a homecooked meal since October
- the boys spent $37 on strangers at the Mall
- the nursing home was actually the wrong one - I forgot to re-print the directions - but it actually worked out great and our girls got some funny tips on dating (date a whole bunch at once and pick the best)

Special thanks to all the leaders that came out even when their kids didn't. They definitely made it happen. Logistically, that was easily the biggest challenge - making sure we had enough adult transportation for all the students.

Here is a quick video with some of the kids talking about what they did. Click on the image for it to play on your computer (not streamed, a 14MB wmv file)

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