Monday, November 08, 2004

SPACE - Fall 2004 prayer update

A prayer update that I just sent out to some friends.
Posted here so you pray too, if you feel led...


Dear Friends,
Thanks for your support for SPACE, the service and missions component of GCC's youth ministry. I just wanted to take a few minutes to jot down some great things that are happening so you can continue to pray and uplift these precious students.

This past summer, we had three phenomenal summer mission trips:
- A middle school team went to help CMTS ministries, a ministry that focuses on serving missionaries through providing automobiles and related services.
- A high school team spent a week with Center for Student Missions in Washington DC, working with a variety of inner city ministries.
- A high school team went to NYC, working with Urban Impact NY, helping with ministry activities related to the goal of reaching unreached people groups in and around NYC.

The next two months have two community impact/service activities planned:
- A service day where we rent a school bus and drive around the community raking people's yards. Most of these yards will be people that we know are disabled or ill and somehow connected with Grace. This will happen on Nov 20, and we are anticipating 30-40 students being involved.
- An opportunity to have youth ministry small groups be a part of Operation Christmas Child.
Our hope is that this activity would help students understand that the world is much larger and much different than maybe they know.

In addition, we are starting to plan for summer missions for the upcoming summer. As we continue to think about a progressive and strategic flow for summer missions, trips on the plate include:
- middle schoolers going back to CMTS for a service project.
- sending a team to SEMP, which is especially formative for experiences in sharing the Gospel story in our culture.
- two trips that are potentially further way in both culture and locality.

Some other random things that are happening in and around SPACE:
- A core team of students that have come together for the purpose of leading, planning, and dreaming about SPACE. It's been an awesome experience to spend time with this team about twice a month. This team prays for God's voice for the summer 2005 plans every day at 7am.
- A high school senior from my NYC summer team who is exploring a possible career in missions.
- A college age team from GCC going to Guatemala this summer. I might be lightly assisting with some team preparations for them.

Finally, thank you for continuing to support the ministry with your prayers. Engaging students to be involved in mission, both in their communities and
around the world, is not an easy task, but we know that it is well worth the investment. Thanks for continuing to pour your prayers into the lives of these students.

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