Sunday, August 10, 2003

Saw this ad for getting a free book. Revolution in World Missions. A free book by one of the guys on staff with Gospel for Asia. Signed up for it, and the organization looks pretty above board - native, indigenious missionaries, reaching unreached peoples. Cool.
HW for K...
Session 5.
1. finish the studies about The Story of His Glory
2. email the list of 5-7 questions to two or three missionaries you or your family
support. also send me the list and I get to send them out to two or three that
I support.
3. Do these studies based on Paul and his missionary journets.

(If you are reading this blog, somehow, and are interested in these studies,
email me and I will send them to you. However, they are based on material
covered in Perspectives.)
K leaves for college in 10 days or so, so I think the final step would be to put
together a survey to see what he found the most helpful.
That would be kind of fun.

In other developments, met a guy named Dan the other night from
a local church, who came and did a presentation about God's Mission to the
college age worship night at GCC. Very cool. And then they showed the
video for Urbana 03. I think the majority of my dteam guys are interested,
very very cool. I think Dan and I might dialogue about mobilization, which would
be great.