Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I met him on the Internet

Today I had lunch with a guy I met on the Internet. That sounds so weird. Haha. Seriously though, today, Will Samson bought me lunch. We had Mexican at a place close to his work and my house. It was really cool, Will is a great guy. We had a great rolling conversation about the emerging conversation, church as an institution versus Christ's Church, what we are doing with SPACE, his background church planting and upcoming decisions for seminary, what Greenbelt was like, blogs we read and a whole slew of other topics. Very fun.
What was slightly less cooler than actually meeting Will was this blog thing enabling me to meet, hear and dialogue with someone that I would have never met ordinarily. I could tell from reading his blog that Will is a man of wisdom and that meeting him would be a great experience. He is, and it was!

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