Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ember Saturday

Light day today. Some people are recovering from a few ailments but all doing okay.
+ Rest in the morning.
+ The long term team has a pretty mature internship program in the summers and we've been involved with some of the interns for the past few days. 4 of them did a little Q&A with us this afternoon.
+ On the streets in the late afternoon. Super hot in Southern Italy right now.
+ Dinner - Indian food.
+ Hanging with glow sticks in one of the city squares in late evening.
+ No sign of lost luggage.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Ember Friday

+ Part of the team, 3 people, still don't have their suitcases. So we took those 3 to do some light shopping this morning.
+ The rest of the team spent some time at a community center and played football and water games with some new friends.
+ This community center also hosts a community garden space, which is meant to be a social enterprise teaching some marketable skills. One of the most interesting things like this I have seen recently.
+ Afternoon and early evening spent in city center - lots of football in one of the largest parks in the city.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ember 2018 IG Travel Reading

When teams travel with me, I give them reading for the plane. When else do you have a captive audience for 12 hours like this? Here is this year's team reading.

People that Must - Alex McManus

The Psychology of Packing - Jan Chipchase

Advice to New Grads: Scale or Bail

[PS - Hopefully our team has landed by now]

Monday, July 16, 2018

Ideation - The Ember Cast style

Maybe one of these ideas - some new some old - is for you.

1 - Ember Concierge
In the global missions space, we have equated 'support' with money for far too long. Instead, sometimes the best kind of support is not related to finances but helping people get s**t done.

The Ember Concierge is a boutique support role that solves the plethora of issues that global citizens encounter. Sure, some of these problems can be solved with a friend of a friend. Instead, we solve these issues using our deep, priceless network of professionals who are not only experts in areas such as real estate, event planning, finance, logistics, technology - they also have deep interests in the nonprofit sector and understand some of the specific challenges of this context.

We take great pride in our job of helping global workers solve their problems to get from here to there and then, from there to anywhere.

2 - EmberDY
Do you have a God-sized Dream but are having trouble understanding or executing it? Do people around you think you are crazy? Are those you seek help from trying to pare your dream down?

Join us for Ember Dream Year and let us help you go from dream to reality. This looks like:
- monthly mentoring/planning meetings
- exposure to other Dreamers who have executed their dreams
- learn more about who you are and the One who planted that dream
- culminating in the execution of your dream

* Based on the book Dream Year by Ben Arment, limited to high school juniors and seniors.

3 - 2050T
A weekend advance, not retreat, focused on preparing for 2050. Significant elements include culture, team dynamics, social entrepreneurship, and missional imagination. This advance is best suited for teams and organizations that believe the future is to be created. Facilitated and highly contextualized for your tribe by Ember Staff.

4 - SCAdmin
In 2018, one of the largest issues on the planet is the migration of people - the population of displaced people is the largest in human history. Do you wish that you could make a small contribution to this migration? Can you spare 20 hours a week for administrative tasks? Can you juggle communications, finances, and interesting issues? Could you coordinate volunteers and tasks, partnerships and points of contacts, and coffee?

5 - Mission You
Self leadership is the most difficult leadership task and self-awareness is one of the most powerful tools to lead yourself. Spend a week learning about who you are the core, with deep dives into the StrengthsFinder, MBTI and APEST personality and temperament psychometrics. Combine these psychometric deep dives with lightweight service projects, a like-minded team of emerging leaders and travel to another culture and you'll return home with an incredible framework for leadership in the future. Limited to high school juniors up to and including college seniors.
* The inception of this idea was in the summer of 2008, even before Ember existed, but the idea never got momentum. World Class Cities Ministries is running something similar this coming October.

6 - City Guides
Part travel guide, part missional map, these 3 page city guides are written by Ember Staff and friends who have personally visited these cities. You'll find recommendations for logistics like food, lodging, transport and interesting sights written from the Ember lens, keeping in mind concepts such as ethnography, people groups, cultural distance, and innovation in the social sector.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Burn

::: National Geographic - a 130 year old company is #1 on social media.

::: How to Identify and Tell Your Most Powerful Stories

::: Flight Attendant Secrets

::: As a leader, train yourself to never gripe about what you allow. Never complain about something you tolerate. You are the leader—lead to the desired result. - Craig Groeschel

Photo: Cable car, southern Italy, July 2017.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taylor - #reputationStadiumTour

Tuesday night.
Life goal 1 - since 2005 - travel outside the US once a year.
Life goal 2 - since 2015 - see Taylor on every tour.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Welcoming Home Emily

Our Emily arrived home last week from almost 3 weeks of travel in Asia. From all accounts, it was fantastical and she experienced a ton of stuff, including 2 countries, 4 cities [the smallest being 2M people!], villages, baby pandas, Chinese opera, the art of batik fabric, the Great Wall, 9 flights and almost 20,000 air miles, sea urchins, and lots of rice. I was jealous.

As you would expect, we are trying to help Em decompress this experience and we are doing this in a few ways. First, we let her talk and talk and talk. Most people, family members included, are awful at actively listening to their friends and family after they have returned from something like this. We also ask lots of questions. Last night, she showed us about a thousand pictures. Second, we encourage Em to have a light schedule. A good rule of thumb for recovering for jet lag is that it takes one day for every timezone traveled. Third, I gave her decompression homework based on our past experiences with Ember teams. Yeah, homework in the summer, how awful.

After working with hundreds of students on many, many mission teams over the past 15 years, I can definitively tell you: do not miss helping the people around you process experiences like these. The proper decompression is one of the best ways to ensure that these kinds of trips translate experience into action.