Monday, October 23, 2023

October 2023 Update

Well it has been forever. Hello.

Ember is still in business. But it is more like special projects these days. I've been on the board of directors for Communitas since early 2021 and that has been a fun perspective. I've also been helping with some organizational things with The Salaam Center. Intersections among these three have also been fun. As always, if we can help the young people that you know get involved in cross cultural leadership, get in touch.

I attended a one day conference called Renew at National Community Church [yes, still an unhealthy obsession with NCC] in September and although I had understood the ideas of sodalities and modalities from the Perspectives class, one of the sessions there really gave me some insight and focus for things Ember maybe should be involved in moving forward. Apostolic structures for apostolic people. Picture above [edit: via Tyler at Missional Labs]. If you want to chat about this over coffee, get in touch.

Deanna and I were in Europe for a few weeks this summer and traipsed to some new countries along with spending time at a Communitas gathering in Malaga, Spain. I have a goal for 50 countries by the time I turn 60 years of age, in 2029. I'm also potentially having a 60th birthday party to celebrate, in either Chamonix France or Valencia Spain and you are invited. Maybe make some plans. #50in60

Our oldest Katie finished grad school in May and started working for the Los Angeles Homeless Authority. Emily is a senior at Biola and graduates in May. Both are doing great and we will see them for the holidays.

Last week was a series of visits and meals with various people doing interesting things around the world - the current Communitas board chair, a young couple leading training starting in Kansas City, another young couple in London transitioning to the Balkans, a semi-retired couple helping mission teams in our local church, celebrating the one year anniversary of a church plant run by a dear friend in Baltimore, structures with The Salaam Center. A front row seat across the world.