Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ember's culture

I had nothing to do with just about all of this.

+ Read through the Bible on your digital device.
+ Don't sweat hustling frequent flier miles from friends and family. South Africa and China are just mere points away.
+ Have a tattoo of Africa on the top of your foot.
+ Notice subtle things about culture like how in Mozambique, the biggest things sold on the street are shoes and cell phones or how some inner cities have a stoop culture. And why those things matter.
+ Believe that service opportunities are explicitly tied with a belief in Jesus.
+ Love hearing about people creating something from nothing.
+ Dream of team building exercises in their sleep. And then actually build them from a random pile of stuff.
+ Are really nice, pleasant people. To kids, strangers, people they meet while traveling.
+ Jump to experience a different expression of Church.
+ Live in the tension between extreme affluence in suburbia and being agents of world transformation.
+ Are always on the lookout for the emerging or the indigenous.