Sunday, November 21, 2004

Teen Missions 2005

Teen Missions has just published their 2005 summer trips. Having gone to at least a few days of Boot Camp (even though it was for their 4-6 year old parent assisted program), I can tell you that the way they prepare students for the mission field is intense. When you leave, you get the sense that almost anywhere would be better than Boot Camp, and in many cases, the mission field that students go on to are at least a little nicer.
TMI is also top notch when it comes to logistics. A fair analogy would be a huge summer camp program that has each participant going on an extended, international field trip.
For students that have no connection with a local church's extension into the world with their own missionaries or students that maybe want to experience more, TMI is a great medium to have a cross cultural missions experience.
I have decided that my response to our students that show an interest in TMI is to encourage them to go, and then come back the next summer and help us with SPACE. This past summer, I had two TMI alumni help out and give some great feedback.
Here are some bullet items from one of their new trips for 2005:
Orphan Foot Washing
- The purpose is to show the love of Christ by going to the villages surrounding the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Zambia, and literally washing these poor AIDS orphans’ feet and putting shoes on them—many who have never had a pair.
- In order to help a greater number of destitute children, we will require you to take only a sleeping bag and air mattress in your duffel, plus whatever you can fit into a Teen Missions issued carryon bag. The rest of your luggage will be filled with shoes and socks to be given to the orphans.
- Team members can help by collecting new or good used, closed-in shoes or tennis shoes for children ages 2 – 12.
- Your life will never be the same as you follow Jesus’ example of humility in washing these orphans’ feet and putting socks and shoes on them.
- Debrief will be held in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Now that is intense.

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