Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Family Nights - Op Christmas Child

A few years ago, at the suggestion of my wife, we started doing 'Family Nights.' It was the summer before K started Kindergarten. The intention was to do them every Sunday night.
I started with the Focus on the Family book titled An Introduction to Family Nights. It's pretty good and gives some good ideas. One note that was interesting mentioned that once you started family nights, your kids will want more. I didn't believe it, but it was really true in our family.
Tonight, we did a family night based upon the idea that we are blessed in order to bless others. GCC is doing their part with Operation Christmas Child, putting together shoe boxes of things to send to kids all around the world. Samaratians Purse, who sponsors it, also puts in a Gospel tract (which I have a little issue with).
So we went to Wal Mart (yeah thats kind of ironic for purchasing things for kids in other parts of the world) and bought some cool items for little kids, like pencils, silly putty, gum, etc. We spent about $25 and we did two boxes. Overall it was a cool exercise, because my kids are (and I mean this in the best way, because they learn from their environment, ie - me) suburban, affluent and spoiled. It was interesting to see them gravitate from seeing all the stuff they wanted versus understanding that they were not shopping for themselves.

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