Monday, November 01, 2004

NY in the Fall

So I get to go to NYC again. About a week from now. The company I work for has decided to throw the project I am on a big party, and have decided that it would be ok to spring for everyone to travel to NYC for an overnight. It's pretty cool as well as unprecedented. The project I am on is pretty visible from all aspects of the corporation and we just finished a pretty huge milestone, so this is the celebration party. But in almost 10 years of working here, I have never before been invited to a party out of town.
I like to think of myself as pretty down to earth. I like the hang out in T shirts, jeans and sandals. We rent videos, we eat at chain restaurants, we shop at the mall. We don't go clubbing, don't go to salons, don't eat a lot of French food. Not that those are bad. But, I will certainly feel like a fish out of water at the place where the party is. Uh, yeah.
So a party in NYC will be kind of novel and fun. I'm excited because NYC always brings back great memories of students engaging in mission around the city.

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