Thursday, November 11, 2004

summer 2005

Hard to believe, but we are already thinking about the summer. Last year, I had kids tell me that their parents had decided on summer camp schedules by Christmas. It just seems nuts. But if we are going to have viable summer missions, we have to toss our hat in the ring at the right time too.
Tonight, I meet with a team of leaders for a specific grade level to talk thru their options for this coming summer. And I have another group of leaders that are ready to help out with preparing, leading, etc. The cool thing about this second group is that they are middle school leaders. Middle school is really where you foster a vision for long term youth ministry. If you want to reap something with high school kids, sow it in middle school kids.
This is only the 2nd year that our ministry has had a team to focus on summer missions, so its very cool to see leaders gravitate towards using those resources.

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