Tuesday, July 22, 2003

more HW for K:

Session 3
1. studies from Mission 1 that are short studies based on Perspectives. Specifically, The Story of His Glory. (register for download)

Session 4
1. finish the studies about The Story of Glory
2. list out between 5 and 7 questions that
you would have for real life missionaries,
questions that would probe their experiences
to help you as you think about the future.
3. Joshua Project People Group Listing of Liberia

Monday, July 21, 2003

Here is some homework I have given K.
K is a student in the small group ministry that I ran for the past 4 years. He just graduated high school and is going off to college in a few weeks. At the beginning of the summer, he told me he was seriously thinking about missions and wanted to meet with me through the summer to learn, discuss, etc.
So I've been giving him some hw.

Session 1
1. The Problem of Success
2. Summary of William Carey. He truly made disciples, not just converts.
3. Being a Tentmaker Thoughts of being a tentmaker.

Session 2 (this is also posted below)
1. God Centered Motivation for Missions - by John Piper.
2. The Essential Task - by Ralph Winter.
3. Missions, Music and Mobilization Music and mobilizing.
so K (student in the HS ministry I volunteer in) and I went to DCLA for a day yesterday to help volunteer. pretty cool. quite a setup. we saw the Big Room, which had some great visuals, worship and teaching, although we misssed other integral pieces of the event, such as Deeper Learning, which I'm sure had more depth to the teaching. One thing that kind of made me sad, 0 mission organizations in the exhibit hall. 0, none, nothing. Of course, Compassion was there, and students could pick up material on YFC's missions trips. But there was nothing in terms of strategic missions, like the 10/40 window, unreached people groups, etc. One organization even quoted their mission statement saying they were about "blah blah blah and providing students a quality mission experience." Since when did we desire to send students to missions trips to give them a quality experience? Not to be a snob, but I'm pretty convicted that we could be doing student missions better. A lot better. I'll post some pictures later maybe.

Here is a picture of great volunteer in our JH ministry - Kelly volunteering at DCLA. Kelly is on the right, an awesome youth ministry servant.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

a few articles that i have been reading and discussion with one of my graduate high school small group members.
1. God Centered Motivation for Missions - by John Piper. Talks about desire, passion and the worship of God as the motivation for missions.

2. The Essential Task - by Ralph Winter. Talks about the real task of missions and the core definition. Viable, indigenous, church planting. Good framework for strategically thinking.

3. Missions, Music and Mobilization Music and mobilizing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Missions Mobilizer Calendar - from Nate Wilson's home page, a missions mobilizer with The Caleb Project.
The Traveling Team - a college team that travels around to mobilize college students to think about missions. Great studies on the web site.
www.mission1.org mission1 - check out Operation Worldview, which includes studies that are summaries of the Perspectives class. good stuf.