Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Uprising - skills versus character

Certainly a great deal of conflict that exists in churches is a result of individuals being moved to prominence for reasons irrelevant to character. Instead of raising up leaders, churches hire by resume. We prostitute ourselves in the name of Christ. Isn’t that exactly what we’re doing when we receive payment for our skills regardless of character? How many people have been used for their talents and later discarded for their infidelity? Fallen leaders reflect flawed communities.
From Uprising
A few thoughts about this:
- This really puts a high priority on an ability that leaders need to have when choosing other leaders. Leaders need to have insight into character and be able to discern the difference between character and skill.
- Is there a relationship between this character and spiritual growth? Can we tap an emerging leader even though he or she may be very young/early in their spiritual development?
- We need to be clear on a distinction between being a leader and serving. We have people in our ministry who are clearly leaders. They initiate, risk, engage, they move forward and draw peole into that movement. We also have people who are willing to serve, and will do what is asked. But they do not do the things that leaders do. It is easy to call them leaders, but we should be careful on that kind of distinction.
This is off the top of my head, so it may not make any sense. Other thoughts?

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