Tuesday, November 16, 2004

SPACE Nov Launch - almost final logistics

Well here are our almost final logistics. I say almost because those of you that work with students know about saying 'final' anything. But isn't it more fun that way?

* 39 students.
* 1 school bus that will hold 44 comfortably or 66 uncomfortably.
* church van to hold rakes.
* 5 adult leaders.
* 5 target yards to rake:
-family that lost an infant.
-family whose wife is fighting cancer.
-single guy who has not heat right now, do some weeding there too.
-family whose husband/father just passed away from cancer.
-family whose mother fighting cancer and works in the GCC office.
* if we are cranking through these yards, we will work on neighbors too, just for kicks.
* about 50/50 split between middle school and high school kids.
(one of our goals has always been to have middle and high school kids serving together since within the ministry, they are almost never together)

Now, I'm getting really excited. I can't wait to see reactions from people when they see this bus pull up.

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