Monday, November 29, 2004

SCC concert

D and I went to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert last night. A few things really impressed me.
First, the music was awesome. Between Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin and SCC, all the music really cranked.
Secondly, it didn't seem like the concert was a medium to make a lot of money. There wasn't a huge amount of merchandise that was for sale. The artists really didn't seem too much into self promotion. Rather, all three of them talked about the privlege of coming to play in order for the crowd to be engaged into worship.
Finally, and probably my favorite aspect, Chris Tomlin seemed to be so incredibly humble. He opened his set with "O Come All Ye Faithful", which transitioned into "Holy Is The Lord". It was a cool way to start. At the end of his set, he taught the crowd a new chorus, and they kept singing it without the band, and them him and his band just quietly walked off stage. He was totally saying "This is not about me."
Right before we went into the doors, we saw two of my SPACEcrew kids and one of their dads. Their parents were just going to hang out somewhere in Fairfax with their laptops and get some work done. Instead, we offered to drive them home back to Columbia, so their parents could just go home. So we got to hang out with some students too.

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