Thursday, November 18, 2004

Weekend activities

Here are some of the things I will be doing up to and including this weekend:
- Scoping a bunch of yards for raking for tonight. Also making sure my directions are correct since I'll be directing the bus driver. Also going to buy gallons and gallons of soda. One of my NYC kids, T, will be going with me tonight. He is the Caucasian kid in the picture in my blog profile. (The Asian one with the eyes closed is me. The African American kid giving the gang sign is Dewayne, I think.) Tonight will be fun, its been a while since me and T have hung out. Part of my role is this type of stuff, taking students with me, rubbing elbows together, planning and executing these kinds of things for the larger ministry. It also has an element of apprenticing, a younger person following and learning from an older person. Although I'm not sure T would see it that way, he's just along to have some fun.
- Paying for 12 feet of Subway. Picking up a video camera.
- Tidying up our house a bit. The bus will stop at my house and the kids will have lunch there. That will be cool. I love having kids at my house. We've never had 50 students over before.
- The launch on Saturday. More info here.
- Working two releases at work Sat night. All night long. Ouch.
- Meeting up with K Sunday night. Always a good time hanging out with him. A kid who is passionate about following Jesus to the ends of the earth.

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