Friday, September 23, 2005

Only 2%

Things are gearing up for tomorrow. It should be really fun and, like always, calls are coming in last minute for kids to go. And thats totally okay. Like one of my ministry friends thinks, turning away kids when you have space because they missed a sign up deadline is kind of lame.

We've got a great group of kids coming. I know most of them from other SPACE experiences. There are also a group of kids coming that I have never met, so that will be a lot of fun too.

Overall, I'm reminded of this quote that I posted last weekend, but I like it so here it is again:
"The quality of a culture may be changed when 2 percent of its people have a new vision." - Robert Bellah

Thats a pretty wild idea - that you only need to impact 2% of a whole population to change the whole culture. Whether you are a family living intentionally in an unreached city, a college student reaching out to other college kids, or a new youth pastor trying to infect a group of kids - 2% sounds like such a small milestone. Of course, it probably needs to be the right 2%... but the whole idea is intriguing and really encouraging.

I'm pretty sure we will have over 2% on Saturday. It's not just getting the 2%, it's impacting the 2% so that they go on and impact others.

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