Monday, October 18, 2004

India - Fusion

Made a connection with another guy from Fusion (our Young Adult church plant within a church) talking about yet another missions trip... very cool... I wrote about the previous one here. For this one, there is a team of seven, going to India. The first part of the trip is working with a Compassion International project. The second part is working with a church planting ministry. The team leader has done work with Compassion in India before and another member of the team has done work with the church planting ministry before. I like that there are connections with these ministries before. This trip is slated for January. (That's fast...)
There is also this funny element around the trip, in that at least two of the team members felt this distinct feeling and call for going to India in January. That's some wild stuff. I dig it.
It's really satisfying to be a resource for these teams. It fits in with what I think I should be doing with enabling and mobilizing students and others for missions. When we came up with the concept for SPACE, this was definitely on the right track. It will be neat to see how it plays out when the high school and middle school students I deal with right now get to be the ages of a college/post-college person and what kind of missions will happen with them then. This thing gets funer and funer.

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