Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Potential Youth Ministry Scenarios

One of the Five Areas of Youth Ministry that needs Attention:
Adopt a “Go” Mentality
Jesus’ last words to the church were a call to centrifugal outreach: Jesus said, “Go!” This being said, most ministry programs are centripetal and focus instead on the word “Come.” While gathering together is essential to the formation of the church, it’s less effective at outreach.
Real disciple making occurs as we follow Christ into the world. Developing programming (other than the occasional mission trip or service project) that takes place where students meet and gather is essential for the future of youth ministry.
Also, it’s important to build into your students the desire to reach out in their lives rather than merely inviting friends to church. Time at church must be used effectively to develop believers and then see them reach out into the marketplace.
The greatest revolution in outreach will probably take place among marketplace leaders, not professional ministers or ministries. Thus, students must be equipped and prepared to integrate their faith into their living.

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