Sunday, October 24, 2004

My Weekend

Not a bad weekend at all, except I missed the CpR retreat. From everything that I have heard, it was great. I would expect nothing less.
Friday I worked from home in the morning and then had lunch with K, who was back from college to help with the retreat. We went and had Indian food, it was his first time. We have been exploring what a career in cross cultural missions might look like for him, so its always fun to spend some time with him. Quality guy all around. One of the big things we talked about was that it is not Biblical to make missionaries the heroes of the faith. People that are involved in God's mission, every day ordinary people like you and me, engaged in what God is doing right here right now, those are the heroes. Like Erwin says, "We don't send out missionaries. We send out people who are passionately in love with Jesus Christ."
Being able to meet one on one with people like K, talk and formulate what missions looks like in their lives - its a pretty constant desire of mine. SPACE has been great at getting events to get kids to do something. The logical next value in this experiment must be that we value discipleship and growth. We will not be an important component in our youth ministry if we only plan events but do not grow students in some way. I think it also goes back to a certain disposition that I have - I need to connect with students in meaningful ways, like in a mentoring, discipling context.
I had the afternoon off so K and I picked up #2 from her preschool. My wife and mother in law went off to hear Beth Moore speak in Baltimore. She has been raving about the conference every since she got back, it sounded pretty awesome. The #2 and I went over to the church. If you read my posts about last weekend's SPACE launch, you know about our envelope fiasco. What I didn't talk much about was that the envelope issue stuck around all week, since somehow, the host organization didn't come to pick up their 80 pounds of direct mailing. Anyway, I wanted to pop into the church offices to make sure they were gone. And to give penance. Luckily, the goods were picked up. If not, #2 would have had a lot to carry. We also helped at the Warehouse for the retreat departure, which I wrote about previously.
Saturday the girlies and I went to a local farm, for a hayride, pony ride, and pumpkin picking. Ah, fall in Maryland - nothing like it.
And last night, I worked a marathon release. Actually, it was two releases. The first went very well and was a really big milestone for the project that I am on. The second didn't go so well, but luckily, the problems were not related to the work my team implemented. So I was at work from 6pm to 7.30am. Today has been kind of a daze. Anyway, thats what the weekend looked like.

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