Sunday, October 31, 2004

Nov Launch

We announced our November launch this morning at both middle school and high school services. I put together these little info cards. We also had about 200 left over Starburst candies left over from the NYC trip. So I taped one of those to each card. It's a novel idea, until you actually have to do it all yourself. I suppose it wasn't that bad. Get it - SPACE and STARburst? Ha ha.
One of the things that I'm finding gradually, is that this thing that I'm doing requires a lot of admin/paperwork/computer work. It's a good thing that I work in an industry where I sit in front of a computer all day. I'm doing a lot of that kind of stuff all the time. For instance, in the past month:
- info card previously mentioned
- proposed budget spreadsheet for 2004-2005
- emails about potential mission trips for summer 2005
- notes about last MTF meeting and potential partnership - at least 3-4 years out
- powerpoint slide to sunday announcements (maybe next Sunday)
- I also almost always write up a little something after a launch and send it to the youth min staff as well as to my prayer support list

Anyway, the November Launch is when we rent a school bus and drive it around the community, strategically raking and bagging people's yards. Most of the people we target have some kind of direct or indirect connection with GCC. Last year, 5 out of 7 were not from GCC, but someone there knew they had a need. It's really a lot of fun and just wacky enough. This year we are calling it The Mulch Shuttle. SPACE - shuttle, get it? Ok enough of those jokes.
For those of you that are reading this and part of LC/CpR -
The Mulch Shuttle
November 20
9.15 - 3.30
Meet at the Warehouse
a rake if you have one
a box of lawn bags
gloves if you have them
Lunch provided
sign up by Sun Nov 11/14
email me to sign up

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