Friday, October 08, 2004

I love it

Eldredge describes meeting a new neighbor and saying that her son is always welcome to visit the three Eldredge boys, who have an arsenal of toy weapons. The neighbor is crestfallen, Eldredge says, and announces that she doesn't allow her son to play with toy guns. Eldredge confesses to his brothers that he was tempted to tell her, "Just go ahead and cut his [testicles] off."
I know there are quite a few people, and at least one of my readers, that do not like Eldredge. But you have to admit, no matter what you think of him, that is quite a statement. Read the whole article here.

UPDATE: From one of my beloved readers....
Hi Tony --

I've tried to post comments on your site a couple of times and for some reason I can't. So if you can find a way to transfer this to your site, great. I just wanted to say that although I'm not a big fan of Eldredge, it's not because of this. This, I found great! I think he's solid when he confronts what contemporary society, and even modern evangelicalism, has done to biblical masculinity with examples like this. I'm not as sold on the theology behind his critiques, but we can quibble about that later. This is good stuff!

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