Sunday, October 03, 2004

OTC : Gen 3-11

My notes from this morning's message.
Gen 3-11
Mark Norman

- Gen 2:16
not about moral discernment
God is not concerned with us not knowing right from wrong
God vs. His people
the issue is rebellion

- Gen 3:6
chain of events set in motion
there are parts of me that I don't want others to see
everyone is like this
The Fall - Rom 5:12

- Depravity
the worst thing we can say to someone is 'Be yourself.'
depravity grows and grows in 3-11
Cain and Aabel - envy and murder
Lemmick - polygymy
Noah - gets drunk, curses grandson
Tower of Babel
Gen 6:5-6 - the Lord was grieved

Gen 3:1-7
Satan making Even doubt God's goodness
temptation in the area of vulnerability
rewards of sin are always overplayed
consequences of sin are always underplayed
this is textbook how Satan attacks us
- doubting God's goodness
- tempting in the area of vulnerability
- overplayed reward and consequences
- tries to get us to make the decision in isolation

film clip - The Lion King
elphant graveyeard

no wrestling of the decision in community - Eve faces it in isolation
1st time the word 'afraid' appears - Gen 3

More Theology
God still looks for Adam after Adam sinned
He still chases us - Gen 3:15
First shedding of innocent blood - to cover their nakedness - precursor to Jesus

Rom 5:17


The one thing that really struck me was the last point. In Gen 3, it was the first time that innocent blood had been shed to cover up for Adam and Eve. I had never really thought about that before. It's so symbolic to what Jesus did for us, so that we could have a perfect relationship with Him. Very interesting. Of course, Pastor Mark was awesome this morning, like he is almost every single Sunday.
I'm really looking forward to next week on Genesis 12. If you have taken Perspectives, you know that Genesis 12 is huge. Just humongous.

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