Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Uncomfortable Church

The Cycle
The Church in the first century joyfully adopted this risky lifestyle.
Particularly in the first eight chapters of Acts we see the apostles
and disciples caught up in a cycle of dangerous and counter-cultural
activity for the cause of Christ.

God Speaks Through Followers – 2:14-40, 3:11-26, 4:31, 7:2-56,
Living out the Word of God would be incomplete without speaking
the Word of God. Communicating the truth about man’s depravity,
God’s redemptive work on the cross, and the reality of a life
“more abundantly” is the ministry Christians are called to in
the Great Commission. In the power of the Holy Spirit, men like
Peter, Stephen, and Paul boldly proclaimed the good news to gathering
crowds. They were intentional and took advantage of the opportunities
God laid before them. In fact, they were constantly looking for
those very opportunities. They were “prepared in season and out
of season" to "give an answer to everyone" who asked them to
give the reason for the hope that they had (2 Timothy 4:2, 1
Peter 3:15).

Pre-printed from an upcoming Caleb Project publication called Shaping Eternity Interactive Study (SEiS).

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