Monday, October 31, 2005

Post 30 hour work day

I just finished a marathon weekend of work. It was absolutely ridiculous. Our software release that was scheduled for roughly 8 hours of work turned into about 28. I was literally at work from 10pm Saturday night to almost midnight Sunday night. And we are still dealing with the fallout from some very costly mistakes from the weekend. All the mistakes were in implementation - the execution of a plan. Unfortunately for me, all the mistakes centered around implementation of something my team was responsible for. It ended up being very costly for a whole team of people, not just mine. In other words, a real drag.

Corporate America makes no promises to us. It will not tell us that it cares for our families or our personal time or that we have a well rounded life. In this case, I knew that I needed to stay around, until I was physically unable to do so anymore. My boss didn't need to tell me how important it was. And the culture of our organization is, "The business needs come first." Whether that is a good mantra or not (believe me, I have an opinion), it is what it is. Therefore, I stayed, tried to be engaged in the solutions and tapped the homemade dessert resource (my wife D.)

On this weekend, we totally messed up the customer experience. We broke a bunch of things and really didn't even give the field users a reliable system. I know its just a job (the spiral down from a career to just a job has been full bore of late - another post at a much later time), but it still matters when we blow it big time. And it should still matter.

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