Tuesday, October 05, 2004

First SPACE launch of the year

Our first SPACE launch of the year will be on the 16th. We are taking a team of students here. I had some grand ideas about what to do first, but nothing really came from those ideas. It was too bad. Anyway, I think this will be really good.
Last year, our first launch consisted of, first, making lunches along with the bag lunches the students brought. Then, we went into DC and found two parks where homeless people were and gave them the lunches and sat down and ate the lunches we brought from home with them. Then we went to the Capital Area Food Bank and sorted food for a few hours. It was a really good day, I felt like we had a great balance between doing a service project and actually having relational contact with people the kids would have never engaged with ordinarily. After thinking about it more, I think this year will be a bit better because we are actually working with a ministry that is indigenous to the culture and mission that it is trying to reach. We can only do so much by bringing food to the homeless ourselves, we can probably have a bigger impact when we help a ministry that does it as their primary passion.

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