Friday, October 22, 2004

Retreat Departure

I thought it might be fun for some of you to see what it actually looks like when we leave for a retreat. For a lot of you, the idea of retreat conjures nightmares of logistics, permission forms, lost luggage and hyper kids. Yup, all that and more! You know you love it. Anyway, I was there to help out a little bit this afternoon and snapped some pictures, so I thought I would share.
1. Tag your luggage
Everyone comes into the Warehouse lobby and tags their stuff. Everything gets tagged, name and grade. For the entire duration, students are responsible for all of their stuff. We used to have volunteers move it like bellhops, but no more. This way, you lose it, you don't have anyone else to blame. Tags and markers provided at 4 tables in the lobby.

2. Into the big room to register.
We have desks lined up, and grade level registration. What it looks like before the crowd comes in and during. Mayhem but relatively organized. Take your stuff with you.
Before the kids come in. Also note, Amy is the person on the right.


3. Onto the buses.
4 buses for this retreat.
Every bus has a bus captain, with a list of who is on it. Broken down by grade. Students take their stuff and put it onto the bus and then hop on.

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