Friday, October 01, 2004

No Debate for me

As you might have noticed, I don't write about politics at all in here. Not that I think that we should live with our heads in a hole and disengage. Not at all. We should be totally engaged, informed, catalytic change agents in our culture. And with that, we have a great responsibility and privilege with the ability to vote.
But I do think there is a lot of rhetoric about the election. Depending on how you feel, sometimes it seems like you can get information to back your stance just based on where you look.
Anyway, so instead of watching the debate, we watched this:

Overall, a very entertaining movie. It reminds me of a few things:
- As the father of two girls, the film reminds me that there is an unbiblical worldview that is pervasive, attractive and subtle. In fact, there are many worldviews that our kids can and probably will gravitate to. And they may not even realize that they are attracted to them.
- The best catalytic change to a subculture happens within people of its own subculture. People from the outside can only do so much. Like the scene near the end when the teacher is moderating the big self esteem exercise. Students minister best to other students. A youthworker will only be able to reach a few with his or her direct ministry.
- Hollywood is a powerful force in our society.

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