Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Skyler update #3

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my niece Skyler. She came home from the hospital on Monday and got the A-OK from an infectious disease specialist. We believe that it was pretty much a miracle, and I'm writing about it because I think it's helping me process it a little bit better.
There are a few things I find interesting about it. First, that so many people were praying for her. That was really cool, we got such a response from our friends and family and even you readers out there. Really neat. Second, from all accounts, she shouldn't really be alive. Every doctor that saw her said that she should either be in a coma or be dead. Sad, scary, mysterious. When her mother (my wife's sister) was young, she had Rye syndrome and was hospitialized for a few weeks. Same kind of thing. She should not be alive. Which is the third thing, isn't that interesting that it's kind of a thing (the miracle of them both recovering) that has run through both mother and daughter.
Recently, I've really been thinking about the whole extraordinary signs and wonders thing. If you have read this before, you know most of it comes from this Power Evangelism book. And from reading in the book of Acts, lots of miraculous stuff going on. It makes me wonder what God has planned for Skyler.
Anyway, thanks to those of you that were praying. I hope God uses some of these facts to encourage, challenge and inspire you.

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