Saturday, October 09, 2004

moved to Flickr

Well I moved almost all of my image links in my posts to Flickr. Its a pretty cool tool, try it if you haven't already and see what you think. I did have a fotopages page too, but you can't link from images there. And my tripod thing never did work quite right. There is only one post I did not fix, that was the one that I had like 30 thumbnail images of our mission teams from last summer.
Here is what I did for those of you that might be interested:
- Somewhat unrelated, I archived my whole blog to my computer, by messing with the blogger templates, archiving options and line breaks, so that the whole thing showed up on one page. I was wanting to save off the whole thing for a while anyway. Therefore, I had all the images locally.
- I uploaded all of those images from my machine instead of from my old host for the images.
- Thinking that I could just easily edit the links, I left the images the same names. That would be too simple.
- Instead, when you click on a photo on Flickr, it will give you some size options and also give you a URL if you want to link to it. That URL is nothing like what it was in tripod (***/jpg). So, there was no way to do any simple editing of the links. You have to open each image to grab the URL that gets generated by Flickr.
But all in all, not a very big deal. I didn't have that many images anyway. But now, since it works pretty well, it will be easy to have more.

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