Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A new level of mission

I find that as I talk to people who are interested in missions, a lot of times, they stop talking to me. It's not something that I want to happen. Most of the time, it's pretty awkward. And most of the time, I try to be up front and tell them that first, I could talk about the subject for a long, long time. And second, that they might not like what I have to say.
The reason for this is because I believe we need to call people to a new sense of mission/missions. We can no longer plan mission trips based on superfulous reasons, like our travel preferences, because the church down the street did it, or because it sounds like a great vacation. Believe me, I am guilty of all of these too. My first international missions trip had violated just about every principle I believe in now.
And a lot of people do not like to hear that.
One of the key things I am learning is that I need to pull back a little bit and stop being a mission snob. It's hard because I'm really convicted about the things that I believe. But I think it's the right thing to do.
You can't mobilize if no one wants to listen to you.

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