Thursday, October 28, 2004

City Church Planting Self Assessment

Is City Church Planting for Me?
Twenty Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Considering Starting a Church in a Metro Area.
(Answer Yes, No or Not Sure)
1. Is my principal motivation for considering church planting in the city the glory of God not dissatisfaction with my present situation?
2. Am I convinced that the city is the most strategic place to change the world?
3. Do I believe the gospel is the "power of God" not only to change individuals but also to continually revitalize people and communities?
4. Is my evangelistic outreach adequate? If I had started with zero two years ago, would the addition of new Christians be adequate to provide a fairly solid church now?
5. Have I had enough exposure to church planting in the cross roads of a city that I know what the life of a founding pastor is like?
6. Am I assured of God's call to church planting in a city environment?
7. Do I have all the training I need to do church planting effectively?
8. Can I articulate quickly what my gifts and personal characteristics are that would make me effective in church planting in a city context?
9. Am I comfortable with people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds and able to accept them joyfully into the community of faith?
10. Is my spouse and family willing, even enthusiastic, about our doing church planting in the city?
11. Do I have Gospel-confidence (a repenting-in-joy spirit) of being effective in church planting?
12. Do I have the spiritual disciplines (consistent prayer/Bible study, free from patterns of besetting sin, good accountability relationships in the Body) necessary for being a spiritual leader?
13. Do I display self-management disciplines (getting work done on time, keeping commitments, consistency, honesty) that will encourage followers to trust my leadership?
14. Have I developed a comprehensive vision (a clear picture of focus and style) of the kind of church I want to plant?
15. Am I a people person (good listener, teachable, patient and warm, sensitive, winsome)?
16. Do people tend to sit up, listen and come back when I preach?
17. Do influential persons in my life tell me church planting in the city is right for me?
18. Have I had a positive track record in the church ministries I have led?
19. Do I have an abiding passion for church planting? Is church planting compatible with my personal career goals?
20. Understanding the gifts and skills of a church planter include being a visionary leader, evangelist, and Christ-centered preacher, do I believe God has given me these endowments?

Found the city church planting self-assesment here. I scored a 'you should think, pray and talk to others more before moving in this direction.' I'm not surprised by that and that is a good thing.

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