Wednesday, October 13, 2004

World Missions Staff

I was poking around the Northpoint website, Andy Stanley's church. I don't much about him and haven't read too much of his stuff. But seeing their World Missions page, wow. They are seriously organized.
Here is a listing of their World Missions staff:
Director of World Missions
Director of Funding
Director of Short Term Missions
Director of Training and Equipping
Manager of Mobilization and Communication
Strategic Partnership Director
Director of Short-Term Trips

And looking at the listing of all the opportunities they make available for short term trips, it's no wonder they need all that staff.
"Each of our short-term trips is specifically designed to meet the strategic needs of our partnerships, missionaries, or potential partnerships. God has blessed North Point with many people who possess varying gifts, abilities, and talents, and He is using all of us to help support the efforts of Christians and missionaries overseas. Each short-term team goes through a four-month training process so that every team member is adequately prepared for the trip. Almost all of our trips require no extra-ordinary skills or previous experience and are great for first-timers.
God commanded His Church to make disciples of all nations, and each of us has a responsibility to get involved in some way. Where will you serve?"

Neat operation.

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