Thursday, September 22, 2005

SPACEintern conversation

The SPACEintern and I went running some errands in preparation for Saturday's launch.  We had to get some food and stuff.  It was a good time, because we got to articulate some of the plan for Saturday as well as talk a little bit about the reading that she is doing for the mentorship.  Well, the reading that she is supposed to be doing.  No just kidding.  However, if you keep up with her blog, I think pretty soon you will begin to see a lot more detail on it.  I suspect she is much more into writing notes with paper and pencil. 

Here was one of the more humorous interchanges:
SPACEintern:  I go to a mentor class every other Tuesday, with all the other kids that have mentorships.
me:  Oh really?  How is that going?  How are the other mentorships going?  Are they doing a lot more work than you so far?
SPACEintern:  Well... <funny pause>  Let's just say... <another funny pause>... the other mentors are a lot different than you...
me:  <a hilarious amount of laughter that goes on for minutes>

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