Friday, September 23, 2005

More Mission Leader questions

I was poking around the Intrepid Travel website this morning from a post on Gadling about Intrepid group leaders.  I noted the following interesting questions they ask potential group leaders.  Fun to read these and think through them as I continue to process through leader applications for our summer trips for next summer.

My favorite questions included:
Of the places you have visited, which has had the most impact on you and why?
Entertain us with a funny incident that has happened to you on your travels!
If you were taking a group of friends on the trip of their lives where would you take them, what type of things would you include and how would you travel?
Intrepid leaders are masters in managing groups of people. From your experience working with groups (eg. as part of your employment, voluntary work or community work), tell us about the role you played in the group, and how you dealt with any conflict.
In your past career or private life have you been responsible for large sums of other people's money?
You're leading a group of 12 passengers on a 3 day trek in a remote area. One of the group falls and breaks their leg, and needs to be evacuated. The rest of the group need to continue or they will miss their connecting train and flights home. You mobile phone is not working so you can't call the Ground Manager. What would you do? How do you meet all the group's needs?
You're taking a small group of 6 on a 3 week overland trip. One of your passengers knows the region well and is constantly dominating the group with his stories and recommendations on what the group should do. By day 4 the others are either getting annoyed at his domineering behaviour or wondering who is leading the trip - you or him. How would you handle the situation?

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