Thursday, September 15, 2005

Misc Thurs

For all you wondering readers, yes, the bathroom tile is sooo close to being done. Just a little more grouting... (just a little bit more seriously.) Those of you that know me know I'm not exactly Mr. Handy. But take a look at that grout would ya? I even mixed the grout myself!

Alex writes about Montreal being unreached (unreached - less than 2% Christian - see definition) - with one person in 200 knowing Jesus. Shocking on one hand, because its within North America, a place where we don't normally think things are unreached from the Church. Exhilarating on another hand because its a great context to build leaders. One of these days, I'm going to jot down my thoughts about leadership lessons from this summer - the clincher being a context of cross cultural mission.

PM has a cool blog series on sex with the title being "CASCADE."

GCC is sending the 2nd team down to NOLA - they just left tonight. More details here at

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