Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina - help where you can

Its a weird dynamic to be in the richest nation in the world and watch NOLA happen. Sounds like its going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. I think the overall sentiment with students is one of frustration. They want to help, but there isn't seemingly much they can do. They can't fly down there. They don't have a big disposable income to give a lot. They can't exactly open their home for an evacuee. The desire is there, the means are not as easy.

GCC is sending a small team to NOLA this weekend. They are bringing a light load of supplies and will also scope the situation, in an effort to long term partner with Trinity Church in Covington. (The pastor is a guy that D and I know from our previous church way back - good guy.)

I dropped some stuff off at the church office tonight and met a lady also dropping off some stuff. She mentioned that they had only been at GCC for one month. She has a son in LC and a elementary age daughter. Both of their kids were doing stuff with the Boys/Girl Scouts and they had even more stuff to drop off later tonight. I really enjoyed meeting someone who had only been at GCC for a month, but was already pitching in and donating some stuff.

I was chatting with LB the other night and she mentioned that she had taken an hour and helped with the KatrinaPeopleFinder wiki. She felt like it was something tangible and within her means that she could do to help. (Her dad is one of the ones going this weekend. I don't wonder where she gets it from.)

We are going to do a little bit with the SPACE crew to help for NOLA on Friday night too. I can't divulge any more details, otherwise it might ruin it. But nothing huge. But its something. And, we know - we *really* know - that a group of young people, when they set their mind to it, can change the world.

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