Sunday, September 18, 2005

SPACE Fall 2005 prayer update

"It seems to me that the Christian life, when properly lived, is a rhythmic alternation between turning toward God in worship and running toward the world in love and with a passion for justice, between congregation and dispersal, liturgy and labor, worship and work, adoration and obedience." - Nicholas Wolterstorff

Dear SPACE friends,

Thank you so much for covering SPACE (Students Prepared to Act for Christ's Empire) with your prayers.  As we get started for this school year, here are a few short items that we would love for you to be praying about.

- Our first SPACE launch of the school year, this coming Saturday, involves an experience based around serving the homeless in downtown Baltimore.  Pray for safety, logistics and students hearts that are transformed - both by God engaging the world through them and the reality of the city that lies in their backyard.  Other launches this fall include serving with the Luis Palau festival in DC in early October and in November, doing our annual "Mulch Shuttle", the school bus that rakes neighborhood yards.

- Our first ever intern, Emilie, has already been shot into orbit.  So far, she's been involved in our leader planning and visioneering during our annual youth ministry leader retreat, she's been given a load of reading centering around missional strategy and issues (including lots from the Perspective textbook) and she's busy with tasks to support this weekend's Launch.  She brings an immense list of talents to the team including excitement and energy, the value of being a student leader, and a heart that is captivated by a generation ready to serve the world.  Pray for her growth and the impact she will make as she assists in preparing students for living on mission.  (You can also follow her mentorship real time at her blog -

- Continue to lift up our GCC missionaries who hosted SPACE summer teams this past summer - EE in Trinidad, G and M McM in Brasil, and AM in Pennsylvania.  Pray for continued impact even now, from our times of serving with these awesome laborers that are part of our family all around the world.

Thanks again for thinking about these students and how they will run toward the world in love.
- tony

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