Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Found this website called PocketMod, which gives you some templates and instructions on making a foldable, paperbased, note taking, calendar, personal organizer that fits neatly in your pocket.

It caught my attention because I have come to realize that with a lot of mission experiences, a lot of time is spent in transit. (I think I wrote about this earlier but couldn't find the post.) You take the subway, you take a plane, you are lugging your baggage, etc. I know that when we have done things in NYC, for example, we probably spent the better part of an hour on the subway every day. Some of that time is great, no doubt. Kids hanging out, getting to know one another, me and my constant barrage of questions... But some of that time could maybe be better used.

Thats why PocketMod caught my attention. The goal is to try to produce a one page devotional guide that kids can read while in transit. But it would have to be easily foldable, something they could hold with one hand (while the other is holding on to the subway rails) and something that could be kept in a pocket and then pulled out or put away quickly.

PocketMod gives you some neat already built templates. It would be really cool to be able to import your own text but thats okay. And it gives you a folding guide, which is probably the most helpful for us. Maybe I will try to come up with a Word PocketMod template. That would be (kind of) fun. Oh, and the next thing, after we get it sort of working, would be to laminate the sheets for that crisp, clean feeling.

HT: BoingBoing from a few weeks ago

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