Saturday, September 03, 2005

people of peace

Mark posts about disciple-making movements here.  I loved the way he talked about 'evangelism':
What Jesus taught his disciples is to simply ask God to lead them to the right people, so called 'people or houses of peace' who are ready to receive the Kingdom. Not everyone is ripe to be harvested, so don't force yourself or others into an artificial approach. Rather 'gossip' the gospel ("hey, listen to this") and bring God into the conversation in a low-key way by sharing a story of what happened to you or a friend of yours. If something resonates with them, they will pursue the conversation, otherwise drop it.
It also made me think a bit more about this idea of 'people of peace', which I had really only heard first from The Shaping of Things to Come.

(Related topic:  I had been posting my thoughts from the book (like here) and would have continued, except I felt really compelled to leave my copy with GMcM when we were in Brasil.  I'm sure he is going to love it.  One thing we don't totally understand is how our overseas families don't have access to a lot of church stuff we take for granted, like books.  GMcM told me that every time he comes to the US, he buys two years worth of books.)

This requires a bit more thinking.  And probably a change in the way that we relate to people around us that have yet to see the kingdom.

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