Monday, September 26, 2005

MTF sharing tonight

Tonight, I get to go give the end of summer update to the Missions Task Force, the body of people at GCC that are responsible for anything and everything dealing with missions. It should be fun, they are a group of people that love what we are doing with SPACE and are huge supporters. Not to mention that a few of them have kids that have been part of some SPACE experiences.

In actuality, I'm really supposed to be a part of the Task Force. I kind of feel bad about that. I only show up to meetings when I want/need their approval for some wacky idea that I have. Literally. I think I have gone to a total of one other meeting when I wasn't on the agenda. It's really incredibly self-serving of me. So tonight I'm bringing dessert - except D is making dessert for me to bring. [As more details come in, I'm not feeling much better about it...]

They have a pretty difficult job including tasks such as:
- Performing some kind of missionary care for our families that are away, such as tracking when people come home and how people in the Body can serve our families when they come home.
- Promotion of our different mission efforts so the whole Body knows the info. Most recently, they published a really cool series of prayer cards for all the families and gave them out to the whole Body in litle photo albums. The cards look really slick. Apparently there is a graphics company in NC that specializes in prayer cards. The cards have maps, flags, all the cool stuff.
- Accepting new missionary support requests along with managing all the other budget tasks.

Anyway, I know I'm going to have fun tonight. These people love hearing stories about how we are engaging students for God's mission here and around the world.

Photo: Some students checking out the world mission map in the GCC lobby.

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