Saturday, September 17, 2005

Airport Fun

The last time I was in an airport, earlier this summer, one of my Brasil team members had just come through customs and threw up all over the floor. The next to last time I was in an airport (about 10 days prior to the throw up incident), the flight was overbooked and my team of 10 was delayed going out of the country for 24 hours.

I got lucky this time. I had the honor of meeting up and hanging with three pretty cool dudes at Reagan National Airport this afternoon.

From left to right, Rudy, (but for only 10 minutes before his flight out) Jeremy and Matt.

Matt, Jeremy and I had a great hanging out and talking about students, ministry, the revolution of blogging, NOLA and their current vision for their ministries. It was very, very cool. What I loved most was hearing about common themes in their ministries:
- missional
- built from natural connections
- common DNA of leaders and vision
- focusing on local, indigenous people and vision within communities
- partnerships and growth at the grassroots, organic level
- God ordaining it all

These guys are instable, on the edge, and scary. They envision something in the future, know that students are worth pouring into, and they implement and execute - instead of just sitting around talking about it. In other words, I loved hanging out with them. I suspect that our paths will cross again.

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