Monday, May 21, 2012

Ember AZ 12 - first team meeting

Our first Arizona meeting was this past weekend. With a young married couple, one high school senior, one just graduated college young adult, one Ember board member, and all 4 Shengs, it's a small and eclectic team. [But we've got some other things in the works...]

After our time together, I'm even more confident that God has placed each person on this team for a specific reason and for His specific time in history. Our hope is that some amazing things happen in Queen Creek AZ and to us because of this investment.

Here's some of the things we talked through:
+ the paradigm of a catalyst
+ the history of working with Ben Cloud
+ person of peace [part of our preassessment]
+ some admin stuff - meetings, travel logistics, etc.
+ blood sugar sensitive dessert

If you are in charge of a short term student team this summer, I'm sincerely hope you are preparing them. One of the reasons The Ember Cast exists is to help leaders do this.

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  1. I like the people in that picture.

  2. yeah you do.

    hey you want to meet us in AZ? [i'm serious]

  3. I just saw this!!! Ummmmmm. Short answer: YES. Guilt answer: no all I should do is study. Long answer: send me details? :-)

  4. Crap. I REALLY like the people in that picture. This could be a problem.

  5. details are in your inbox. say yes.